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   NC Realty Svs, Inc.

Pulling all the pieces together to serve our clients better!

       The only piece we are missing now is you!

  Who are we?


An NC based company that encompasses a large variety of services for all types of clients in NC & SC.  NC Realty Svs, Inc. offers through its affiliations and partnerships, the professional services of;


Appraisals: Covering Brunswick, Columbus, and New Hanover counties as primary areas and beyond for individuals and companies alike. When you need it right, and you need it right Now!   Click here; NC Realty Svs, Inc.


Representing Buyers, Seller, Investors: We are partnered with  Virtual Realty Partners, Giving us the advantage of being a local small town Brokerage and still having all the resources of the big national chains. Free tools to help you make better decisions! Along with realtors across the country to rely on for fast friendly referral and transfer situations. If you are buying or selling, investing or trading, you would be smart to hire Virtual Realty Partners.  Click here. Virtual Realty Partners.


Putting together new land and home packages customized for you?

We have more than 20 years experience putting packages together for manufactured and modular as well as site-built homes. We, NC Realty Svs, Inc. are partnered with Sanford Homes, Inc. (SHI) and South Bay Developers, Inc. to bring you the very best offerings in new homes today, both site built and modular. Isn't that really what you want, someone who can shoot you straight not because it benefits us but rather because it benefits you? For more information click here; NC Realty Svs, Inc.


Fix & Flip homes: This allows us to have a greater insight and knowledge of the current markets as well as the costs associated with the real world. Our new agents are writing their first offers within the very first week of working with our firm. Paired with the experienced agents doing real work from day one serving real clients. We know this gives our clients the best of both worlds. A new excited and full of energy agent that wants to do good works for you, and a seasoned professional who keeps it all grounded and safe throughout the entire process and beyond. Maybe you are not familiar with the many moving parts and do not know how to get involved in this very lucrative investment. Not a problem, we invite you to invest in one of our hand-selected projects, with our expert management. Are you looking to invest, we believe we can show you how to maximize that investment into a maximum ROI?

click here; NC Realty Svs, Inc.


Quick Sale purchases: Life throws changes at us all every day, some are life-changing and often we need results very quickly. NC Realty Svs, Inc. has the ability to make an investment offer on almost any property immediately. We also welcome, as a service to our seller clients, the option of getting an offer and then listing in the market for a period to see if they can get a better offer in a short time period. We do not know anyone else who will allow you to do that. "Team First" and you're on the team...


                      Register today and become part of the TEAM!




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