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More about VRP, Inc. Our Real Estate partner

As we discussed on page 1, Virtual Realty Partners, Inc. (VRP) is more than your typical real estate brokerage. From the very beginning as we brought some of the great minds in real estate together it was easy to see where the industry as a whole was falling short.


We wanted to do something about it. While traditional old-school brick and mortar business models were fighting over finding as many agents as they could, a new era started to show up. Digital and discount type firms began to gain traction.


We understood the reason they were finding some popularity and that stems from what we discussed earlier. People were getting frustrated with the same old process. Sign here, press hard, let's get a sign in the yard and some pictures and away they go. Hey anyone can do that, right?


So where some are taking matters into their own hands and thus FSBO (For Sale By Owners) have grown by leaps and bounds. While others have turned to discount services like flat fee listings and ala carte services.


Well, we didn't think this was the answer either. All that did was justify what realtors had been telling their clients all along. Their house was still on the market too long and they had to reduce their price to get it sold, or revert back to hiring a realtor, sign here, press hard, sign in the yard.


Statistics show that a home sold by a realtor averaged more than 17% greater bottom line than when a home sold by the owner. And all the while still no one was addressing the elephant in the room, there are only about 4 reasons your home does not sell quickly. (see our pre-listing package for the 4 things preventing a home from selling.


Thus VRP was born. We wanted to help people understand the business of real estate better so that they can make more informed decisions and ultimately realize a greater return on their investment.


VRP is the best of both worlds, Brick & mortar as well as digital. We can offer services that others make you find or do on your own, and therefore make you responsible for.


We are going to ask you questions like; do you have an attorney? If not we do. Do you have a home inspector, a pest control professional, warranty company, builder, subcontractor, insurance professional, and the list goes on? 


But here's the best part of it all, we have all those professionals and more, some in-house some are partners, but because of our association, you will get discounts and superior service. You see we don't sell spots on our list as some digital companies do. We vet and use each member of our team and they know how valuable it is to be on our team. 


You draw from the buying power od each and every client on our team. That's what we mean by the team first. It's like this; if you go to buy one pizza, one suite, one pair of shoes, one car, you get the one deal.


What kind of deal would you get if you bought 100 cars? Each transaction we do gives us a greater buying power and you get to share in that.


It's really just that simple. Tell the truth, be knowledgeable so that our clients know where to find the answers, be fair to all, and build the best team.




How can you afford not to have VRP as your go-to Realtor?

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