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Are you out of your Mind?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I have been reviewing web sites from all across the US and have read some pretty interesting things, so I thought I would share some with you. Crazy Idea huh?

I was on one Real Estate companies web site and they had a blog that suggested that over pricing your home had no real impact on the end results in the price you received for your home. Say What?

They had taken a few small subdivisions in a Denver market in 2011 and isolated it down even more by using one style home. The results they reported was that days on the market and listing price did not have an impact as they all sold eventually for around the same number. they determined these results were likely good for everyone everywhere?

Get a copy of my book where I talk about what the value of a properly priced home when it enters the market is. My book talks about the real world approach that buyers take and the results of how they are impacted by the price. It does make a huge difference and you should be informed and aware, then if you want to list it high, okay, because you were told the truth. And you know what they say about the truth?

Another blog I read suggested a method in breaking down the cost of a buyer using iBuy which I am not familiar with but understand it is a fast closing investment group that will offer you a quick sale price and then they turn around and put it on the market and sell at retail which leaves them a healthy profit. this blog suggested that it would cost you more, you will have to do the work to sell on your own and they broke it down by the hour.

It relates the same way to a person who sell by owner and does not use a Realtor. I do not recommend it so know that I lean that way. It seems like you are spending a ton of money to use a Realtor when you look at the commission ad do not value the agent s contributions. But do it on your own and you will see what they bring to the table.

Again I will refer you to my book for more details but suffice it to say that a Realtor brings protection, security, peace of mind before during and after the sale. What would you think it would cost to buy insurance that would protect you from the buyers being able to sue you for misunderstandings after the sale? What would it cost for you to do back ground checks and reference checks before you allow strangers into your home, with your family at all hours of the day and night?

When you run an add on lets say, "Craigslist", you are exposing your home to potential buyers and that's what you want, right? But when a Realtor markets your home they are exposing your home to some 80,000 other Realtors and many of them specialize in selling people a home. Which one affords you the best chance of multiple offers and full price contracts? How many sites can you post your home on? When you enter the real Estate network you will be exposed typically to some 1600 web sites all trying to help you sell your home.

So if you are thinking of going it alone you should consider what your time is worth, and what your home being on the market is costing you per day. Then do the smart thing and call me, we'll get er done.

Well I don't like to get too long winded on these blogs so let me close with this; No two markets are the same on any given day. No two subdivisions are either. That is why you need a professional in your corner when it comes time to get your return on your investment. I can live with buying a bad sandwich or even getting a bad haircut. Not sure I can stand to lose money on my Real Estate investments. Call me and lets talk about how to get you a free beach house and become the envy of your family and friends. It will be our secret how you did it. Until next time God Bless you and yours....

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