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We or I should say I, have had an epiphany. ground shaking earth moving kind of idea that may just change the way the world thinks about buying a new home.

I am writing a book, for those of you that do not already know that and the book is both a buyers and a sellers guide to real estate. As I am researching and writing the book I started thinking more directly at what are the steps and the thought process going in to buying a new home.

Then it came to me that when I get ready to make a big purchase or start a big project I seek out the best help and advise I can get. The whole concept of having a one stop shopping center for all things Real Estate is about having all the partners and tools necessary for someone buying or selling a home, to get the very best skilled help and reduce the costs associated with it.

Here is where it got good to me. If I was going to buy a new construction home today, I would be faced with not only all the moving parts of buying any home, but also finding the right builder, understanding the details and the many facets that go along with a new construction home. I started to imagine the number of options available to me and the number of decisions I would need to make. How would I possibly be able to research enough to ever feel confident that I had a handle on this project.

When we go to a builders office or design center its like shopping retail. We go in and discuss the standards that a builder has to offer and the quality of the products they are offering. Most builders standards lists are several hundred components. I know I can ask the builder to explain each and every one to me, but is there any other way, any other source I can turn to and find the help I need to be confident in the end that I have made the right decisions for my family and I?

As many of you know I have an office where people do just that, they walk in and I have samples for them to look at and they make choices and then we go out and build it or them. I also have clients that will employ me to help them to find the right parcel of property to build that home on. This made me think, why can't I just represent the buyers all the time?

We could enter into an agreement that would put me in your corner every step of the way. I can help you review builders standards and give you my honest and professional advise in regard to what I believe are the best standards for the cost. I can help negotiate the costs to ensure you get a fair and reasonable deal. I can help over see the construction or assembly so that you sleep well at night knowing you did not just rely on the salesman to treat me fair, but you had a professional in your corner all the way.

No matter what home you are looking to buy or build, just like when you hire me to buy and existing home, now you can have a professional for your manufactured home purchase, Your modular purchase, Your new site built construction home even luxury custom built projects. No job too big or too small, we can help you do it all.

Now some of you might be thinking this is not so big a deal, but your wrong, this is game changing stuff. I have a customer tell me last week he was being sold a $72,000 single-wide manufactured home. Do you think we could have saved him any money? Even on the same home? Our expertise is unmatched in the Real Estate world. We build homes, we do modular and manufactured land and home packages so we are in it every day and we know the truth. And you know what they say about the truth? It shall set you free!

Hooray, Finally some real help, who needs it? I do I do!

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