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Can I be selfish for just a minute?

By selfish I mean can I just talk about whats on my mind and not worry so much about what others might want to hear me say? Sometimes things in my world just come together in a way that you have to recognize it is ordained. About a year and a half ago I started working on an (MSA) marketing services affiliates program.

I was talking with others when I could about how we are better together and we need to prove that. Along comes a lender with the Hero program and bam! there it is and as I am talking with the representative about his program I think he started to see where my mind was going.

The lender is offering a $1,500 allowance towards a persons closing costs if they are one of our local heroes. I won't go into the qualifications but you might be one of them, click the link on my home page and check it out. So as I was saying he is discussing with me how we can save the hero some money on their home financing, even if they are refinancing, and I as a realtor if they use my service will get a discount which can be thousands of dollars. SO I say why stop there? What if I collect an entire team of every aspect of the business so no mater what your needs are we can not just say thank you. Although let me say a heart felt, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

thank you just doesn't seen to be enough even when I say it over and over. Not enough for the fireman that pulls you out of a dangerous situation, or a policeman who risks his life to keep you from harm. So often we discuss these heroes and more like teachers, doctors, yes even politicians who sometimes get a bad rap. So we want to do more and say thank you in the best way we know how. By saving you money on what is likely the largest single investment other than your family that you may ever make, your home.

We want to include all of our heroes and not leave anyone out. So even if you sweep the floors in the court house, carry out the trash, clean, wait, serve you name it. Parks and rec heroes have you ever seen how hard they work to make your family feel safe and special at every event? SO we have put a team together, and our team keeps growing every day with others who want to say more than thank you.

We offer ourselves as a living sacrifice. We offer it at a reduced cost to take some of the worry and stress off of you, our hero. On my home page I have added a Hero link, please check out the flyer for more details, but I welcome your calls questions and anything you want to share, anytime. Thank you and may you be blessed beyond measure.

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