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Carolina, Duke, State, Wake Forest?

Who is your favorite team? Do you know it says a lot about who you are!

Around my house it can be very challenging like many of you I am sure. Being from Michigan originally, and relocating to NC as a teenager I have found a love for the hottest topic in NC, College basketball.

My college days I am afraid to say were as a Terrapin. However Michigan also has a long and storied history and well seated rivalry similar to NC. When watching with any of my Michigan friends or family they are all about Michigan and I enjoy taking the other side. So depending on who I am watching a game with it can be a loud and even hostile event.

My wife is Carolina fan through an through so when I am with her we cheer together. SO as you can see we are not without our drama that comes from the joys of the college basketball or what is called here "March madness."

So what does you favorite team say about you? Feel free to join this blog as a member and share your stories of madness. I am sure after tonight's Duke vs Carolina game #3 this season there will be plenty to share. Can Carolina sweep even with Zion back in the Duke lineup? Or will the speed in transition keep the Devils at bay. We''l just have to wait and see, but share please, like etc..

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