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Changes, the one constant!

As it is with life things are always changing. Most people say they hate change and yet it still happens, yes even to the resistant.

I have always cautioned against making statements such as always, never, etc. My wife will tell you that when I watch TV I am always warning the actors when they make promises they cannot keep. You know what I mean, the leading actor/actress tells a child they will always be there for them? really, always... you know how that is going to end (Badly).

Most change is good we just have to accept it and make the best of it and in the end typically we recognize it was all for the best. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be making a living on the PC I would have called you crazy. I can't even spell PC. No I have this blog posts, I do 2 different podcasts, that's right you read that correctly, this old dog is learning some new tricks and you can too.

I have a new book coming out or so I keep saying. I have a few last minute touches and then a proof read and I will be ready to go to print. Oh yea and it needs a title too... So change is coming and it has grabbed a hold of my company with both hands. We have applied and I expect to hear from the commission soon. I have applied for my firm license for NC Realty Svs, Inc. So instead of doing Real Estate through others we are going to brand the same name.

It is really why the podcasts, blogs, all in an effort to release the book and tie all of these changes together. My last two ventures in real estate have been with startup companies. Both had unique challenges and change was a daily participant. So if I am going to go through all that, why not do it for my own company. Which will also be a sell-able commodity. Some day I will have to slow down and let the younger faster, stronger ones take the reigns.

So now you know, please check out the podcasts and feel free to chime in. Continue to read the blogs, I am trying to link them in content so it goes full circle. I have a new video series I have been promising to start and I will again it all ties into the book release. You can find all the links and contacts right here from the web page. And I know some of you have had some good suggestions for the videos on here, I will get to them as well as soon as I can. I am hiring and once I get some good help we are going to be wide open.

Hey by the way check out the podcast under my real estate podcast that is Monday morning misery and we have added rants and rave, I think you will like where that

is going too. Check it out/

I hope you are doing and getting all you want in life, stay blessed and help each other out will ya, because change is tough, see you soon and God bless you.

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