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First two questions every buyer must answer first!

I tell all my clients this and I say it so much I thought it may serve well for a blog post. If and when you read my book this is discussed in further details but just for the short version here are the two most important questions for home buyers and after answering these things will seem to get so much easier. If not you may not have answered them correctly.

First question is does this Realtor, Builder, Representative or whomever you are working with, do they have a home of the quality in which you want for you and your family?

I have a retail store where we sell modular land and home packages. This applies to my clients here as well. I demonstrate the models to them so they can see for themselves, does it meet the quality required?

As a Realtor I am showing existing homes to clients in particular neighborhoods. I find that most neighborhoods like minded people gather together so if we do not find the quality after looking at a couple of homes, we are likely in the wrong neighborhood or subdivision.

Once and only after we have a yes answer to that question can we move on to question number two.

Question to in the must answer category is; Do i have the right person or people helping me with my project. In the retail or new built world I say, am I your builder, or am I the person whom you should be using to build your new dream home?

The same is true with Realtors. You probably have a good idea already if they have been showing you homes. Have they been efficient, not wasted my time, not tried to steer me in the wrong direction, or any for that matter?

I know this is going to come as a shock or surprise to some but I have met Realtors, builder reps, retails sales personnel that did not really know what they needed to know to help me with my new dream home. haven't you?

I believe that if you are in a line of work then you should be learning and growing each and every day. That is why I have so many license in my name now.

If the person you are working with cannot do anything that you cannot do on your own, why do you need them. Make them demonstrate how they are going to save you time, save you money. If you can't trust them, move on.

If you come in asking me for a $150,000 home and I am riding you through $250,000 subdivisions, that does not feel like someone who is looking out for my best interests, I'm just saying.

Hey here is a thought, ask your Representative why they chose the house they did before you go look at it. Why did you think I would want to see this home?

Well there you have it, two questions everyone must answer to move forward with confidence. If your answer to either question is no, then move on and search somewhere else until you can honestly say yes to both questions.

The nice part is once you have found the quality of home you desire and the person you can trust to help you with it, all else get so much easier. Now you have a partner on your side that will help lead, guide and direct your path and help you to keep the joy and happiness in the home buying process.

If your dreams take to to the eastern portions of NC or SC look me up as I would love to have the opportunity to serve you and your families needs. God bless.

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