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Its a New World, a New Day.

At my age you would think I would be starting to settle in, slow down, take it easy. Who would have guessed even five or ten years ago that I would be writing a Blog, writing a book for that matter, sharing a podcast and making a living on the PC?

I built my own website and I know many of you might suggest its not all that good, but I built it! There is something to be said for what we do is't there? When I drive by a house I built or package I put together for a family, I always point it out to those in the car with me, even thou I know it drives them crazy because I always do it...

I'm in the final stages of writing my book, making the last changes and moving towards editing and art work. You might have guessed I'd write a book ten years ago because like testimonies I think we all have it in us to tell our stories. But the pace in which the PC era is moving. I can't imagine what it is going to look like for my grandchildren, assuming I have any.

So as I said I have a book coming out soon, I hope you will read it and share your thoughts. I have a weekly podcast I am doing, please take a listen. I have this Blog which I do not get to as often as I should. And we are getting ready to begin filming on our newest project. All of this is by design to come together to reach people and open up conversations. So while others will say we need to put our phones away, that we spend too much time with our faces glued to them. I say embrace it, read or view something good and share it with someone else. Keep the ball rolling.

Is it even realistic to believe that we can tweet with the President of the US? Or our favorite performer, musician, actor or artist? When I was young we dared to dream but we never saw this coming. Thank you for allowing me to vent this way and I welcome your feedback. See you on Facebook soon!

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