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Let me talk to my Realtor Friends a second!

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Is it just me or is our industry riddled with people who either want to come between us and our clients, or are the so called experts that even though they have not personally done so, have the best-est, newest, greatest, secret that will change our worlds?

That was a mouthful, but so true. I get calls it seems daily from someone who can coach me or mentor me or provide service for me so I can be a better realtor. All from people or companies that don't buy sell trade or invest other than to sell services to other Realtors.

The ones I really love are the ones that want to sell me leads. Oh I know they say they want to provide me with leads, lets keep it real, they are selling me leads. One particular company insists that they are the go to place for shoppers and they can provide me with so many leads. And after all just one closing will be more than enough to pay for it all, right?

I always ask for their conversion rates and closing rates but of course they do not have any because they do not sell to consumers. They could tell me but won't how many agents they have tricked, convinced or down right harassed into buying their leads. But not lead conversions because they do not follow up to monitor heir clients success or failure. That would mean they would have to take some responsibility for those results.

Be careful however, if you do find a company that would be willing to collect on only the leads that close then you are paying them based on the sale, that's a commission and they would have to be licensed for you to do that legally. There are such companies out there and they are not worried about you losing your license?

Again I can only assume that they are having some success as they continue to call me repeatedly over and over and over again. Please fellow Real Estate professionals, stop the madness. Just say NO! there are not any magic beans or secret sauce. Every time one of these guys are successful they multiply and grow and soon we will not be able to get any work done and we will have priced ourselves out of the market.

Thank you for allowing me to vent......

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