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MMM Monday Morning Misery

MMMMMMMM things to think about, things that are driving others nuts or maybe its driving you nuts. So I thought I would start this Monday Morning Misery because Misery loves company. (doesn't it?)

If you are following along with my Podcasts then you may have already heard about this. I started my rant about the way people drive across mediums in this area. Its like the pirate that walked into the bar with a peg leg, a steering wheel on his pants and a parrot on his shoulder. When the bar tender asked him whats up with the steering wheel he said, Arrr it drives me nuts.

Instead of me repeating my issues here, just jump over to the podcast and check it out. Then send me your misery and I'll get it on the show, or in a blog, or maybe we can link you in to a live podcast as a guest. Feel free to post here as well and share with others and who knows maybe some of those who are making us crazy will catch on. Then we will have to find something else to talk about....

I am trying to do a Blog in conjunction with the podcasts going forward and I am behind and playing catch-up. So yes if you are one of those who hates me being so disorganized, I am trying to do better. Your feedback and comments will help.

That just about looks like me on Monday mornings after my drive into work.

Here is another one, have you ever ordered a dip cone from Micky D's. Any Micky D's? If you have then you will discover like I have that they really do not know how to make them. I have become obsessed with finding the one person in Micky D's that can get it right. What a mess they usually make of it and then hand it off to you like that was what you ordered and should be happy you got it.

I have had them hand it to me and its already running down their hands!!! How am I going to eat that driving down the road and trying not to wear it? Please if you know of the store that can make it correctly, let me know and I will drive out there and do a review. Because I do like a good dip cone.

Before I forget to mention it as well, jump over to the podcast and check out the details of our new Hero deal. If you know someone in the market for a home, they will thank you for hooking them up with this deal. Head over to the podcast and get the exciting details.

Until then, like us on Facebook, pre-register for your copy of the new upcoming book I am writing a buyers and sellers guide t real estate. Thank you for following along see you soon, God bless.

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