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Your new Dream Home?

Check out this special video tour we put together just for you. Yes I can do this for you as well. I offer this package 1500 sf 3 bedroom 2 full bath home with all the upgraded features you see here minus furniture and decor for as little as $155,000 if you are putting this between Wilmington NC to Myrtle Beach and as far inland as Robeson county NC.

This is a modular home however we do offer a site built version of this home as well and for that product we can build anywhere from Durham NC to the coast. The site built version will be built for you from Sanford Homes, Inc and the Modular version is from South Bay Developers, Inc.

I know it seems to good to be true, but it is for real. This is the power of the Team First concept and our ability to save you thousands of dollars on your next new home purchase. payments on this home will be less than typical rent in this market.

Do you want to do something special just right for you and your family? Well we are a custom builder and we can do it, and the best part is we do not jump our prices up just because you want yours different or because of where you are putting it?

1500 sq ft, plus the porch, foundation, setup, delivery, HVAC, connections to water and sewer, best warranty in the business. What more would you like? We can do it!


Cottage 1500 sf 3+2
Is this the most beautiful home you've ever seen?

today, call, text, email, so many ways you can reach out to us today. See you soon.

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