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No project is too big or too small for us to be able to help you. Don't you deserve to have professional help in your corner? The other guy will have!

In our great state today both buyers, sellers, as well as investors, can and should have a professional representing their best interests in any and all transactions.


(Please watch the video available on this site on either of the buyers or sellers pages.


Many hands make for light work, and more eyes on a project the fewer mistakes, Mistakes cost money! Would you agree?


It does not matter to us if you are purchasing a single wide manufactured home, a tiny house, a modular, on or off frame, or a site built home of any size and price range. The team at NC Realty Svs, Inc. can and will save you time and money versus going it alone.


We have been behind the curtain and know what they don't want you to know. We know how much profit is reasonable and fair in today's marketplace.


Should you or shouldn't you? That is the question you will have to answer over and over again, what NC Realty Svs, Inc. provides is confidence and peace of mind when it comes to decision making. 


Ask us today for your free pre package loaded with tips and information to better arm and equip you for the task ahead in dealing with all the twists and turns associated with today's tricky Real Estate world.


Or by all means please pick up a copy of Keith's new book that assists both buyers and sellers as a resource tool and guides to help you navigate today's tricky waters of the Real estate world.


We also offer quick sale purchase options for those looking to sell now. We offer repair and remodel services for those who need to make improvements to increase the marketability of their home before selling or after buying.


We truly are your one-stop shopping center for all things Real Estate. call or come by today and let's discuss what your game plan is.



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