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Would you sell your home for the right price?

If you said yes, we need to talk!

Please watch this video before your free consultation.


The secret sauce to any successful Realtor is in the combination of hard work, knowledge, and dedication to the task.  This remains true with NC Realty Svs, Inc Real Estate partner, Virtual Realty Partners.


So how do we do that you might ask? We do it by staying on the cutting edge of technology, geographical awareness, and just plain putting more work in. Our program is to learn something new every day. Before we go home we stop to review and ask ourselves and our team, what did you learn new today? By doing this we share with each other and multiply the growth and if by chance someone did not learn something new today, we break into a teaching moment.


Why because you are worth it, our clients. We want to be sure we do all we can to make your experience with us all you expect of it and more. So we offer to advise as part of our process which we feel will help you be better informed and better equipped to make the most of your investment. By investment, I mean your property and also your investment in hiring and working with our team.


We are also always looking to help you with tips and tricks of the trade that you might find beneficial as you move through your projects and plans. Please do not hesitate to ask for any specific needs or information that you need.



Send a text to 910-985-0282 or an e-mail to; for more information or publications as noted here;


A copy of Keith's new book which is a seller and buyers guide to home sales and purchases.


How to properly prepare for the Home inspector;


Why do you need an appraisal;


Why do I need to stage my home; 


A list of all available services;


A list of partners within our group;


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